Admission Policy

We consider each application and the order of its submission. If there is a waiting list, openings will be filled as space becomes available. We accept children of the minimum age of 3 who are fully potty trained. Upon receipt of the application form, we will arrange for you or visit to the school and for your child's visit to the school at a time apart from the parents observation of the classrooms. When placing newly enrolled children, the administration balances considerations such as number of students in each class, age of children and gender of children.

Our primary goal in the admissions process is to help each family find the perfect match. We recognize that we may not be the perfect match as a co-op for every family. The admissions process is a chance for us to get to know each other. Honesty in any relationship is key to its success. We are not here to convince prospective families that our co-op is right for them. We actively encourage families to observe and explore the many homeschool options available. Our goal is to present our program as truthfully as possible, help families to grasp the nature of our co-op and what we have to offer, and allow them to weigh all the factors out as they consider whether our co-op is indeed the right match for them. Classroom tours, observations, and open houses are important ways to get to know our community. When we admit a new child, we are not simply bringing him or her into the co-op community. We are bringing the child, his parents, siblings, and extended family into the mix. In making admissions decisions we normally give strong preference to families who share common values and goals with the co-op, and who, after careful consideration and exploration, have concluded that our co-op is something that they want very much for their children. We consider applications for admissions on a case-by-case open admission basis.


Waiting List

When no openings are available children will be placed in the applicant group waiting list. In the event of an opening, children in this group will be considered based on the date an application was received and age and needs of the child (in accordance with the Montessori principle of a multi-age classroom). Siblings of currently enrolled students and children of staff members may be granted priority in the admissions process.


Non-Discrimination Statement

Each applicant, regardless of background, is considered according to individual need, and each is admitted according to the school's ability to help develop individual potential. Each child is admitted into a mixed age grouping, and each period of learning is regarded as a 3 year cycle ( 3 to 6 years, and grades 1, 2, and 3, and grades 4, and 5). Faith Co-op admits students of any race, color, nationality, religion, and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the co-op. 


Provisional Acceptance

A unique advantage to our program is the flexibility offered by not requiring full-time 5 days per week enrollment. As a result students don't receive as much time to normalize in the prepared environment and will need consistency offered within their home environment. If your child struggles with self control, additional practice at home will be needed to prepare them for entrance into the program. Children unable to relate positively with their peers and treat the classroom with care need additional time to grow and mature in those areas and can reapply in a year's time when registration opens again.

Enrollment Agreement

A child is officially enrolled in the program when the school has received the enrollment agreement and registration fees. Enrollment in all programs is binding. This means that a withdrawal of your child does not relieve the financial responsibility of the entire year's tuition. 
The three-year developmental cycle found at each age level is crucial to a child’s success, and therefore our priority is to enroll children whose families understand and are committed to our programs and philosophy, and who are selecting Faith Montessori as a long-term school placement for their child.