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Faith Montessori co-op has programs that are designed to satisfy the child's individual needs. The primary curriculum (3 to 6 years) is divided into four foundational learning areas: practical life, sensorial, language, and mathematics. Geography, history, biology, botany, zoology, art and music are presented as extensions of the sensorial, language activities.


The Elementary curriculum ( 6 to 12) offers an exciting research-based style of learning that fosters the development of core academic skills, independent work and study habits, and cooperative work and social skills.  Children work in small groups on a variety of projects which spark the imagination and engage the intellect. Studies include geography, biology, history, language arts, mathematics, science, music, and art.

Our Adolescent program (13-14) is an eclectic mix of traditions and approaches. 


Enrollment is limited to ensure the ages of each classroom remains balanced and in-line with Montessori beliefs. We offer different classrooms for different age groups. 


Adolescent (ages 13-14)

Upper elementary (ages 9-12) 
Lower elementary (ages 6-9)
Primary (ages 3-6)

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