$250 non-refundable registration fee.

*After June 1st, 2020 $350. 

$150 Material fee (per child) for Primary, due May 1, 2020

$250 Material fee (per child) for Elementary, due May 1, 2020 

Bi-Annual Payments: For a 5% increase, tuition may be broken into two payments.



$200 discount for enrolled siblings.

**3 yr old children are only permitted 2 or 3 half days a week.**


Montessori Mondays


We are guaging interest for families that want to teach their child in a Montessori Classroom.  

You and your child will experience some of the typical daily activities. You must be responsible for your children during class time.

$25 per Family

*Pay per class

*No commitment

Email for more information: faithmontessori@gmail.com

The Montessori Method requires the teachers to give extensive time to the preparation of the learning environments before, during, and after the classroom schedule. It is the many hours of preparation that enables us to present a quality program.