Elementary Class (Ages 6-12)

Areas of study will include:

  • Language

  • Math

  • Cultural

  • Science

  • Geography

  • History


Our Elementary classroom is an eclectic Montessori-inspired program.Children will be guided by the teacher utilizing Montessori materials that are created with an elementary student in mind. These materials build upon the Primary lessons and add a deeper understanding to the lesson at hand. It is recommended that Lower Elementary students (6-9) and Upper Elementary students (9-12) have some knowledge of a Montessori Classroom and/or previous experience in a Montessori learning environment. All students will be required to follow simple instructions, and work independently, as well as in a group setting. Upper Elementary students will also be required to be able to write legibly in complete sentences.

Due to the unique mixture of learning at home and in the classroom, we will utilize curriculum books that you can follow at home on days your child is not in the classroom. Curriculum books are included in tuition and will be given to you on Orientation day. You are your child's teacher and ultimately in charge of their education and how much or little you feel is appropriate for them personally. We offer these curriculum plans as a means of taking the bulk of planning lessons off your shoulders and to give you a guideline to follow.We evaluate our curriculum choices yearly to make sure we have the best resources for our purposes. Potentially, some curriculums we will utilize include Story of the World, All About Spelling, Shiller Math, and the Institute for Excellence in Writing.


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