When we have a space become available we will narrow an age range to fit that space. We will consult the waiting list, starting at the top, flagging all that fit within that age range. From there we get in touch with families, one at a time to let them know that a space is available. At this time, we will offer to set up a time to tour the school. This is most often a one on one tour with the director. These tours typically take about an hour. 


If it is decided, by you,  that our co-op would be a good fit for your family, a non refundable security deposit is taken to secure the space that is being offered. The full amount of the deposit is applied to the registration fee and the first month’s tuition. A start date will also be decided at this time. 


Time will also be arranged for the child and the parents to meet the teachers. We require a slow transition week for all new students. The first week of school, the child will have an abbreviated schedule. This schedule is dependent on the age of the child. 



The waiting list is a master list that is composed of all families interested in enrollment. In an effort for efficiency, the list is not organized by age or classroom. Therefore, your place on the waiting list is not representative of your “place in line.”


When we have a space become available we narrow an age range for the opening in the classroom. For example, the available space could be suited for a child age 5. With this information, we would go to the list, starting at the top, and flag all those that fit within that age range. Using this system, the group of those that fall within that age range could include families from all over the list. 


The attention to age range is so important for balancing the mix of ages within each classroom. This also allows us to plot pathways for each child. These pathways ensure that every child will have the clear path to transition to the next classroom, based on their unique developmental pace. 


We have found this system to work best to honor the individual needs of all of our children at Faith Montessori School. We acknowledge the difficulty in planning it brings to prospective families. We have done our best to balance the needs of our children and the needs of our prospective families. We hope this helps you understand the system. 

We are a drop-off program.


Days of Operation 

28 weeks with multiple break weeks interspersed

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9a-3p (half days leave at noon)






Classrooms are mixed age:

Primary- ages 3-6 (3year olds must sign up for half-day)

Lower Elementary- ages 6-9

Upper Elementary-ages 9-13


Curriculum at home:

In co-op the children have access to a classroom full of hands-on materials. There will be some follow up work between school and home (the older the child, the more there will be) but we do not dictate a curriculum you must adhere to. 



In addition to attending FMS we offer some a la carte extracurricular activities. Activities may vary by year and could include PE, Yoga, Music, Art, and American Sign Language. 

Who Are We

Faith Montessori was founded as a part-time co-op program designed to nurture homeschoolers ages 3-12. Our co-op provides an inclusive social and educational environment for homeschoolers, while allowing parents the opportunity to remain involved in their child's education. We have no religious affiliation, and all are welcome. We provide an environment dedicated to the philosophy, teachings and materials developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Each child learns at his or her own pace, with the freedom to explore, gain hands on experience and learn in a safe, peaceful environment equipped with beautiful learning materials. We strive to cultivate each child's natural desire to learn and to foster the child's natural curiosity that will invite hands on discoveries. We believe education should be motivating and adjustable to the needs of each child. Children learn to work at a task from beginning to end and develop their self discipline and capacity for total concentration. Respect for others, grace, and courtesy develop naturally as the children grow within the Montessori environment. 

What We Offer: 

Faith Montessori offers two and three day drop-off programs for children ages 3-12. Primary class provides a mixed age group community for children 3-6. Elementary classes are divided into Upper and Lower. Lower Elementary provides a mixed age group community for ages 6-9. Upper Elementary provides a mixed age group community for ages 9-13. 



How We Are Different:

Faith Montessori offers the benefits of the Montessori environment without the rigidity of a full-time school schedule. Homeschool families now have the option for their children to enjoy all of the hands on learning that comes through work with the Montessori materials and community, without having to commit to a five-day-a-week program. Homeschool parents are the ultimate resource for their child's education and we are honored to come alongside you to offer support as a supplement to your homeschool.

Montessori: A Collaborative Effort! 

Parents and teachers need to work together in order to support and follow the whole Montessori process.  The parent and teacher each hold jigsaw pieces which, when coming together, generate a more complete picture. 

 The Montessori program also offers parents creative principles for redesigning aspects of their home, for approaching the child with new kinds of tasks and challenges, for discipline, and general understanding. Parent education gives parents another way of seeing, which may enhance decisions related to child development. Thinking and talking about children along with other concerned adults offers heightened awareness and a better response to your child's needs. 

We attempt to be very upfront with our vision and the type of environment and community we are trying to cultivate. Our program best benefits families looking to employ the Montessori philosophy within their day-to-day lives. If you feel that your vision for your family and children aligns with ours, we welcome you to complete  our application form when enrollment opens in February.