Faith Montessori Homeschool Co-op: Who We Are

  • We are a prepared environment. Maria Montessori believed that the environment can be designed to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration by the child. 

We are not a full-time, all-inclusive school planned to cover all academic subjects. 

  • We are a 28-week homeschool cooperative supplemental program operating for 84 school days. 

We are not a full-time school.

SC homeschoolers must record 180 days of attendance to legally homeschool. Parents are required to sign up with a South Carolina 3rd Option Homeschool Accountability Group.  

  • We are a community of parents-learning together, growing with our children on this homeschool journey, offering support to each other. 

Our teachers are parent volunteers, other homeschoolers like yourself who are dedicated to creating community for their families.  

  • We are Parent Volunteers, building a program together. 

Our children will thrive with open communication between teachers at Faith and teachers at home (you!). We ask that you remain curious about what your child is learning, stay involved at home, and communicate about their schoolwork with their teachers at Faith. We will do the same for you.  

  • We are a secular homeschool program.   

Although our name is Faith Montessori, we are not a religious program. We are a faithful group; we have faith in our children’s inherent ability and desire to learn, we have faith in the power of community, and we have deep respect for the individual religious and spiritual paths of all our families.


Days of Operation: 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9a-3p (half-day students leave at noon)

28 weeks per school year with multiple week-long break interspersed

See our Co-op Calendar


Pricing & Fees

Curriculum at home:

In co-op the children have access to a classroom full of hands-on materials. There will be some follow up work between school and home (the older the child, the more there will be) but we do not dictate a curriculum you must adhere to. 

We are a drop-off program that requires a small number of volunteer hours from each family.



Activities vary by year and may include Gym, Yoga, Music, Art, Drama, Dance, and American Sign Language. 

Classrooms are mixed age:

Primary ages 3-6  (3year olds must sign up for half-day)

Lower Elementary ages 6-9

Upper Elementary ages 9-13

Adolescent ages 13-14



How We Are Different:

Faith Montessori offers the benefits of the Montessori environment without the rigidity of a full-time school schedule. Homeschool families now have the option for their children to enjoy all of the hands on learning that comes through work with the Montessori materials and community, without having to commit to a five-day-a-week program. Homeschool parents are the ultimate resource for their child's education and we are honored to come alongside you to offer support as a supplement to your homeschool.


How do I know when applications are being accepted?

You can add yourself to our notification list and receive an email. 

What is your application process?

See our APPLYING page for information the following topics:







More About Us:

Faith Montessori was founded as a part-time co-op program designed to nurture young homeschooling families. It has evolved to serve homeschooled children ages 3-14. Our co-op provides an inclusive social and educational environment for homeschoolers, while allowing parents the opportunity to remain involved in their child's education.

We provide an environment dedicated to the philosophy, teachings and materials developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Each child learns at his or her own pace, with the freedom to explore, gain hands on experience and learn in a safe, peaceful environment equipped with beautiful learning materials. We strive to cultivate each child's natural desire to learn and to foster the child's natural curiosity that will invite hands on discoveries. We believe education should be motivating and adjustable to the needs of each child. Children learn to work at a task from beginning to end and develop their self discipline and capacity for total concentration. Respect for others, grace, and courtesy develop naturally as the children grow within the Montessori environment.