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"Summer" Camps

Kick the summer off a little early because home-schoolers can! 


May 14-16 World Travelers

It's time to absorb more about the planet where we live and the cultures that surround us. For three days your child will explore the where, why, who, what and when of all things related to Earth and the various types of life that call Earth home. We'll work together to make food indigenous to various cultures, create crafts based on the physical geography of the planet and discover how even a choice as simple as what path we walk on can change the landscape of our world. 

May 21-23 Tinker School

Children are more capable than we think. For three days your child will be challenged to explore their creative minds and work as a team. We will discuss safety, introduce your child to several common tools and materials, and complete a simple task.  Under close supervision the class will brainstorm, plan, and construct an object out of wood, metal, cardboard, tubing, and other raw materials by using tape measures, power tools, wrenches and screwdrivers. We’ll work together, make mistakes, learn a lot of new things, and have FUN!  So get out those safety glasses, sharpen that pencil, strap on that tool belt and bring your creative ideas!

June 4-6 Creative Artists

This week is a chance for your child to explore their creativity! We will utilize our Montessori "Art Work" curriculum as a springboard into the six different art genres: abstract, representational, textile, artful objects, sculpture, and realism. The curriculum is designed so that "children will experience and be inspired by the vast diversity of art, learn to appreciate the art of others, and ultimately understand and respect their own artistic visions." We will explore lots of mediums, have tons of fun and of course make plenty of messes!

June 11-13 Exploring Science 

Description coming soon as we finalize our projects!

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