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(ages 12-15)

Our Adolescent classrooms consist of middle and high school classes, at times combined and at times in separate groups. 

Areas of study will include:

  • Literature

  • Creative Writing

  • Math

  • Science

  • Critical Thinking

  • History

  • The Arts





Students in our adolescent classrooms have lessons in a block-style schedule, with individual teachers joining the class for Literature, History, Math, Entrepreneurship and Economics, Science, Culinary Arts, Drama, Sign Language, Fine and Performing Arts. 

Students joining our adolescent classes must meet with one or more members of Faith's administrative team and may be welcomed to join our students on a trial basis. Students at these levels have required homework in many of their classes, and parents of these students must agree to support their child in completing their required work outside of co-op hours. The quantity and difficulty of homework assignments increases with the child's age. 


We evaluate our curriculum choices yearly to make sure we have the best resources for our purposes. Potentially, some curriculums we will utilize include The Institute for Excellence in Writing, Excellence in Literature, Building Foundations for Scientific Understanding, OER Project, and unique curriculums created by our teachers. 

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